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Diversified Growth

NTPC to be a 130 GW company by 2032 with diversified fuel mix and a 600 BU company in terms of generation.

Coal would continue as predominant fuel with 65% share of coal based capacity in the portfolio.

Non-fossil fuel based capacity would achieve a share of 30% and Thermal based generating capacity share would be 70%.

Share of RE (including hydro) would be 28%

NTPC targets a market share of 25% in ancillary services and storage

NTPC aims to achieve 10% of the estimated market share for supply of electricity in E-mobility business

in GW By 2032 % Mix
Coal 85 65.4
Gas 6 4.6
Hydro 5 3.8
Solar 30 23.2
Other RE 2 1.5
Nuclear 2 1.5
Total 130 100