Services & Initiatives

Contract And Procurement Services

NTPC has wide experience in procurement of equipments & items in line with guidelines & procedures of funding agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, OECF, KFW, SFD etc. for International Competitive Bidding.

Services covered under Procurement include the following:

  • Recommending cost effective Procurement Methodology and packaging concept
  • Preparation of Bidding Document including Qualifying Requirement
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Selection of EPC contractor & contract negotiation
  • Post award contract Administration and expediting

Experience Contract and Procurement Services:

Sl.No. Client's Name Name of the projects Services Provided Year
70 Andaman & Nicobar Admin. Power house, Havelock Island Procurement, site supervision and commissioning of 3x1MW DG sets and associated equipment for a new Power house at Havelock Island on deposit work basis on behalf of Andaman & NIcobar Administration, Port Blair. 2011
69 PGCIL   Consultancy assignment for execution of 2 no. 400 kV bays at Gandhar GPP S/Y on deposit work basis on behalf of PGCIL for Gandhar-Navsari D/C line under ATS for Mundra UMPP 2010
68 DPCC   Procurement of 4 nos. Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations 2010
67 RSPCB   Procurement and installation and O&M of 2 nos. Air Quality monitoring stations. 2007
66 Aravali Power Company Pvt. Ltd. 3 x 500 MW Aravali STPP. Pre-award and post award engg., contract administration, QA&I, assistance during commissioning PG test & Corporate Monitoring services. 2007
65 UPRVUNL 2 x 250 MW Harduaganj TPS Extension Pre-award services for Balance of Plant 2007
64 NTPC Tamil Nadu Energy Co. Ltd. NTECL 2 x 500 MW Ennore power project Design, Engg., contracting, monitoring, QA&I for setting up power plant 2007
63 Pragati Power Corp. Ltd.(PPCL) 1000 MW Pragati III CCPP Pre-award services for setting up power plant 2007
62 Vaishali Power Generation Co. Ltd. Muzaffarpur TPS Placement of award for Balance of Plant pkg. on M/s UPL 2006
61 DVC 2 x 500 MW Kodarma Prep. of bidding documents, evaluation of bids for selection of EPC Contractor for 2 x 500 MW Kodarma TPS. 2006
60 UPRVUNL 5 x 200 MW ObraBTPS. Prep. of contract agreemenr for Refurbishment of 5 x 200 MW ObraBTPS. 2006
59 SSNNL   Selection of O&M contractor for SBC pumping scheme. 2006
58 CPCB   Selection of private participation for CAAQMS-BOO contract. 2005
57 DVC 2 x 250 MW Extn. U-5&6 of Mejia and U-7&8 of Chandrapura TPS. Supply & installation of Primavera Proj. Mgmt. 2005
56 CPCB   Management of continuous ambient air quality monitoringv stations(CAAQMS) 2005
55 Konaseema 445 MW CCPP O&M, System development, Matls. Mgmt., Financial system and computerization of the systems. 2005
54 PPCL 350 MW Pragati CCPP,Phase-II Prep. of tender document, evaluation of bids and finalization of contract agreement for Pragati CCPP,Phase-II 2005
53 JSEB Patratu TPS O&M and Matls. Mgmt. system for Patratu TPS 2005
52 BSEB 2 x 50 MW & 2 x 110 MW Barauni TPS RLA/R&M/CA of Modern O&M practices for U-4 & 5 0f 50 MW each and U-6 & 7 of 110 MW each of Barauni TPS 2005
51 PSEB 2 x 210 MW GGSSTPP at Ropar RLA/R&M of Stage-I, U-I &II of 210 MW each including Coal Handling plant. 2005
50 GIPCL 2 x 1000 MW New Power project in South Gujarat near Surat. Evaluation of RFQ bids, prep. of RFP documents and evaluation of bid for selection of JV partner. 2005
49 SSNNL Kachchh Branch canal. Pre-award and Post award Engg. for Pumping plants on Kachchh Branch canal 2005
48 DVC Bokaro "A" TPS RLA/PET/CA for Bokaro "A" 2005
47 WBPDCL 1x82.5 MW Bandel TPS. RLA/CA/PET for 1x82.5 MW Bandel TPS. 2005
46 WBPDCL 4 x 120 MW Santaldih TPS RLA/R&M of 4 x 120 MW Santaldih TPS 2005
45 CPCB Pollution control project Procurement of imported goods and material. 2004
43 IPGCL Rajghat TPS Installation of effluent treatment plant for Rajghat TPS. 2004
42 UP RVUNL 2 x 500 MW Anpara "C" TPS Selection of developer and providing technical services for prep. of RFP doc., bid evaluation, award recommendations. 2004
41 CSEB 2 X 270 MW Korba(West)TPS Prep. of tender doc. for 2 x 250 MW to 2 x 300 MW K(W)TPS. 2004
40 APGPCL 272 MW Vijjeswaram CCPP Selection of O&M Contractor for 272 MW Vijjeswaram CCPP. 2004
39 GPCL Ghogha TPP Selection of JV partner for Ghogha Lignite PP 2003
38 IPGCL IP & Rajghat TPS Evln. of tech. & commercial bid for Ash dyke for IP Stn. & Rajghat TPS. 2003
37 UPRVNL 2 x 500 MW An[para TPP. Prep. of tender doc. for 2 x 500 MW Anpara TPP 2003
36 CEA CEA office Modernization of CEA building with low partition. 2003
35 DVC 3 x 57.5 MW Bokaro"A" TPS R&M of Bokaro TPS-A(3 x 57.5 MW) & Prep. of tender doc. and evaluation of ESP Pkg. 2003
34 GPCL 500 MW TPP in Chhattisgarh Selection of JV partner for developing 500 MW TPPin Chhattisagrh 2003
33 GEB 6 x 210 MW Wanakbori TPS. ISO-9001 & 14001 certification for Wanakbori TPS. 2003
32 GEB 6 x 210 MW Wanakbori TPS. Development of O&M system,Computerization & Implementation for Wanakbori TPS. 2003
31 CSEB 2 X 250 mw Korba(East)TPS Evaln. of EPC bid & Prep. of DPR for Korba(East)TPS. 2002
30 CSEB 2 X 270 MW Korba(West)TPS Review of FR,Prep. of DFR,Prep. of tender documents for finalization of EPC contract, pre-of pre-qualification criteria and draft tender notification and Prep. of EIA report for Korba(West)TPS 2002
29 DVC 140 MW Durgapur TPS Consultancy services and R&M of 140 MW Unit-III Durgapur TPS. 2002
28 CSEB 2 x 250 MW Korba(East)TPS Review of FR,Prep. of DFR,Prep. of tender documents for finalization of EPC contract, pre-of pre-qualification criteria and draft tender notification and Prep. of EIA report for Korba (East)TPS. 2002
27 Durgapur Projects Ltd. 395 MW Durgapur TPS Development of O&M and MMS and implementing O&M practice by deploying 10 experts for a period of 8-10 months at durgapur TPS. 2002
26 Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka AIDS project Preparation of procurement plan for procurement of AIDs equipments. 2002
25 Ministry of DIT ITESM programme Procurement of equipments for various ITIs in all over India. 2001
24 DVB 1000 MW Bawana Power Project. CS for selection of JV partner for 1000 MW PP at Bawana. 2001
23 NDMC 33kV & 66kV Sub. Stn. Engg.,evaluation and site supervision of 33kV & 66kV GIS S/S. 2001
22 West Bengal Pollution Control Board CS for implementation of laboratory upgrading and setting up of monitoring systems for WBPCB Procurement, installation, commissioning & testing 2000
21 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Second National Aids Control Project Procurement of labs Equipment and Drugs 1999
20 India Power Project Ltd 2000 MW power project at Vember Finalization of EPC Contract 1998
19 India Council of Agriculture Research National Agriculture Technology Project Preparation of procurement & training plans for NATP 1997
18 DGET, Ministry of Labour, Govt of India Vocational Training Project Procurement of High Technology Equipment 1997
17 Central Pollution Control Board/ World Bank Industrial Pollution Control Project Procurement, Finance & Accounting and monitoring services for pollution control and monitoring equipment 1996
16 Tamil Nadu Electricity Board NMTPP- Simulator Evaluation of Bids for Thermal Training Simulator 1995
15 West Bengal, Power Proposed Power Project in Rajasthan Assistance in preparation of Bid 1995
14 Orissa Power Generation corporation 2X210 MW IB Thermal Power Project Units 3&4 Review of Build, Own, operate (BOD) proposal of M/s AES Transpower, USA 1994
13 North Eastern Electric Power Corpn. 4X21 MW Agartala GPP Commercial and financial services for tender document, evaluation etc. 1994
12 Spectrum Power Generation Ltd. 206 MW Kakinada Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Plant, Andhra Pradesh. Engineering, QA & Inspection, Contract & Procurement, Project Management, Site Supervision, Pre-commissioning services. 1994
11 ACC Babcock Ltd Budge Budge TPP of CESC LTD. Design, Engineering, Procurement and Inspection services for boiler, Control & Instrumentation. 1993
10 India Oil Corpn. Ltd. 3X25 MW Panipat Captive Thermal Power Station. Preparation of feasibility report, design, engineering, QA& Inspection, procurement, project management & site supervision. 1993
9 Asian Development Bank Operational Improvement Support Technical Assistant to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Operation Efficiency & Environmental studies, Power System Planning Financial Management Training in Gas Turbine Technology Socio- economic Studies Procurement of Hardware & Software 1992
8 DGET, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India Upgrading of vocational training in India with world Bank assistance-Repeat Order Assistance in procurement of machines for various ITIs including preparation of tender document, QA & I, port clearance, training of DGET personal etc. 1992
7 North Eastern Electric Power Corpn. Kathalguri combined cycle Power project (6X30+3X30 MW) Negotiations with main plant supplier & assistance in preparation of contract documents. 1992
6 North Eastern Electric Power Corpn. 280 MW Assam Combined Cycle Power Project Review of Bids and evaluation for the project, preparation of status report for changes required in the specs. And repackaging to bring down tendered prices. 1991
5 Dubai Electricity & Water Authority. 400 & 132kV transmission line construction. Turnkey supply and installation/constn. of 400kV & 132 kV Transmission line and up-gradation of existing 132kV line to 400kv. 1991
4 Karnataka Electricity Board. Transmission System. Engineering, Procurement, Project Management & construction of 400kV line loop-in loop-out. 1990
3 DGET, Ministry of labour, Govt. of India Upgradation of vocational training in India with World Bank assistance Assistance in procurement of various machines for various ITIs including preparation of tender documents, QA & Inspection, port clearance, training of DGET personal etc. 1989
2 Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Moose ACSR Conductor Vendor Assessment of manufacturing unit 1989
1 Delhi Vidyut Board. 220kV Mandaula Substation. Design, engineering, procurement and execution on turnkey basis. 1989