Services & Initiatives

Environmental Engineering And Management

NTPC has deployed a comprehensive institutional structure for environmental functions, which is supported by Center for Power Efficiency and Environmental Protection (CENPEEP) and Environment Management & Ash utilization group.

Services covered under Environmental Engineering and Management include the following:

  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
  • Environment Management Plans and Monitoring
  • Retrofitting Environment Friendly systems
  • Ash Handling and utilization, including development of ash-dyke/ ash-mound

Experience in Environmental Engineering and Management includes the following:

Sl.No. Client's Name Name of the projects Services Provided Year
27 Energy Trading Group FZC, UAE 60-80 MW Diseal Engine Power Plant, Kenya Preparation of Feasibility Report (FR) for 60-80 MW Diesel Engine Power Plant at Athi River, Kenya 2009
26 Royal Govt. of Bhutan 620 MW Amochhu Reservoir HEPP, Bhutan Preparation of DPR for 620 MW Amochhu Reservoir HEPP in Bhutan 2009
25 NHDC 1000 MW TPP near Khandwa, MP Preparation of Pre-Feasibility report & ToR for EIA study for 1000 MW TPP near Khandwa, MP 2009
24 UPRVUNL 2 X 660 MW Obra 'C' TPP Preparation of technical feasibility report and DPR for 2X660 MW Ext units under Obra "C" TPP 2009
23 UPRVUNL 1 X 660 MW TPP, Harduaganj Consultancy services to UPRVUNL for DPR of 1X660 MW coal based power plant at Harduaganj Extn-II 2009
22 NHDC 2 X 660 MW Reva TPP Consultancy services for preparation of DPR and technical specification for Site specific studies for 1320 MW (2X660 MW) Reva TPP 2009
21 DVC 2 X 660 MW, Raghunathpur-II Preparation of DPR for installation of 2X660 MW units at Raghunathpur Stage-II 2009
20 Andaman & Nicobar Administration 33 MW Generating Station Preparation of Feasibility report for 33 MW generating system 2009
19 Puducherry PCL 250 MW Plant at Yanam EIA Studies for 250 MW at Yanam. 2009
18 PPCL Bamnauli 750 MW CCPP Preparation of FR &EIA study for Bamnauli 750 MW CCPP 2008
17 KBUNL Muzaffarpur Thermal Power Station Revalidation of FR. 2008
16 Pudducherry PCL 250 MW CCPP at Yanam Preparation of Pre-FR. 2008
15 Haryana Power Gen. Corp. Ltd. 3 x 350 MW Faridabad GBCCPP. Prep. of Pre-FR. 2007
14 Pragati Power Corp. Ltd. 750 MW Bamnauli Gas based PP. Prep. of Pre-FR and terms of reference for EIA studies and other activities 2007
13 Delhi Jal Board 40 MW Captive Gas Power Plant Prep. of FR for 40 MW CGPP at Sonia Vihar. 2005
12 PPCL 330 MW Pragati CCPP,Ph-II Prep. of FR & EIA report 2005
11 CSEB Korba (West)TPS Prep. of revised comprehensive EIA report for K(W)TPS. 2004
10 PPCL 330 MW Pragati CCPP,Ph-I Prep. of FR & EIA report 2003
9 CSEB 2 X 270 MWKorba(West) TPS Review of FR,Prep. of DFR,Prep. of tender documents for finalization of EPC contract, pre-of pre-qualification criteria and draft tender notification and Prep. of EIA report for Korba(West)TP 2002
8 CSEB 2 x 250 MW Korba (East)TPS Review of FR,Prep. of DFR,Prep. of tender documents for finalization of EPC contract, pre-of pre-qualification criteria and draft tender notification and Prep. of EIA report. 2002
7 Union Territory of Chandigarh. 100 MW CCPP at Chandigarh. Feasibility Report & EIA study. 1999
6 Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. 500MW Thermal Power Plant at Tuticorin. Preparation of Feasibility Report and EIA study. 1998
5 ONGC-NTPC joint venture. 400 MW Gas based power project at Hazira. Feasibility report & EIA study. 1998
4 Delhi Vidyut Board. 300 MW Pragati CCPP. EAI study. 1998
3 Videocon International Ltd. 2X525 MW North Madras Thermal Power Project- II. EIA study, Detailed Engg, Quality Assurance & inspection etc. 1995
2 Sargent & Lundy Engineers, USA. Lapanga Project, Orissa. Environmental Impact Assessment Studies. 1994
1 Orissa State Electricity Board Talcher Thermal Power Station. Design and engineering of Ash pond and recycle of water. 1991