Services & Initiatives

Restoration, Efficiency Improvement and Renovation and Modernization

Committed to the improvement of Power Sector in the country, NTPC has achieved quantum jumps in the performance levels of Talcher, Unchahar, Badarpur and Tanda Thermal Power stations originally run by other utilities.

Services covered under Restoration, efficiency improvement and Renovation & Modernization include the following:

  • Association in Life Extension/ Health Assessment Studies
  • Renovation, Up gradation and Modernization Services 
  • Troubleshooting
  • State-of-the-art technologies for Efficiency improvement

Experience in Restoration, Efficiency Improvement and Renovation & Modernization:

Sl.No. Client's Name Name of the projects Services Provided Year
9 NSPCL Rourkela Captive PP-II Cconsultancy services to NSPCL for Preparation of Tech.specification,cost estimate & QR for R&M Phase-II ,Rourkela Captive PP-II. 2010
8 NSPCL 2X60 MW, Rourkela TPS Consultancy services to NSPCL for R&M Phase-II, proposals of Rourkela TPS (2X60 MW). 2010
7 MPPGCL 1X200 MW + 3X210 MW, Satpura TPS Consultancy services for conducting RLA, CA, PET, Energy audit & preparation of DPR for R&M works at STPS, Sarni 2010
6 UPRVUNL 1 X 110 MW, Harduaganj TPS Consultnacy services to UPRVUNL for supervision, recommissioing and conducting PG test during reburbishment of unit # 7 at Harduaganj TPS. 2009
5 GSECL 2x120MW Gandhi Nagar TPS RLA/R&M of 2x120 MW Gandhinagar TPS. 2008
4 PSEB 2x210 MW Ropar TPS RLA/R&M of Stage-I including Coal Handling plant of GGSSTPP at Ropar. 2008
3 KBUNL 2 x 110 MW Muzaffarpur TPS RLA/CA/Refurbishment/R&M of Unit-1&2 2007
2 UPRVUNL 5 x 200 MW Obra B TPS Supervision of Refurbishment work, re-commissioning, PG test and post award contract administration 2006
1 BSEB U-4 & 5 of 50 MW each and U-6 & 7 of 110 MW each of Barauni TPS. Development & implementation of O&M practices, RLA/CA/Refurbishment/R&M. 2006